Has anyone taken Prozac or Xanax or any other anti-depressants/anxiety meds? Can you tell me your experiences?

Demons in the closet always sort of linger for me. Whether it’s 2pm in the afternoon, 10pm at night, and dangerously at 3 in the morning…they’re there. Waiting for me. Pulling at my heart strings, sitting on my chest. They grew up with me and now that I’m 20, they still don’t seem to care. I’m not strong enough to tell them to go away or strong enough to make them leave. Sometimes, I wonder if anti-depressants or anxiety pills would fix the trip. But that is a road I have yet discovered.

Here’s to the twenty year old women who are still learning the practice of self-love. The ones who stumbled through their high school years experimenting with eating disorders because their waist wasn’t thin enough, their thighs touched, and tummies poked out. The ones who loved with their hearts a little more than they should have and continued to love when they shouldn’t have. The women who wait, who always wait, waiting patiently for that day they finally wake up from the nightmare they live every day. The ones who wake at 3 am, hiding from their skeletons in the closet. Their agenda books filled with therapy appointments, medication refills, anxiety attack counts. Relapsing into methods of escapism they shouldn’t run to. Keep pushing. I can’t say it gets better…because I’m still trying.